About Us

Hygolet Direct is all about innovative, hygienic, safe and cost effective products for your restrooms and facilities so that when it comes to your business, the first impression is the best impression with your guests and valuable patrons.

Founded in South Florida in 1990, Hygolet Direct has expanded to become a nationwide distributor for the Hygolet brand of products with a wide customer base across the country. The Hygolet Group invented and patented the revolutionary Hygienic Toilet Seat in Switzerland in 1978 which has evolved into the modern and streamlined S3500 “hands free” sensor activated hygienic toilet seat cover that ingeniously provides each user with a clean and hygienic sleeve of plastic over each new seating.

In today’s world with the very real concern of germs and bacteria, Hygolet Direct is proud to carry this product and has expanded over the years to meet the needs of the changing economy and environment by having a full line of commercial products available from various trusted suppliers. From environmentally friendly water conserving items to our popular antimicrobial Hygomat Urinal Mats and Runners, Hygolet Direct products are designed to increase the safety and image of your facility, as well as your bottom-line profitability.